MiFID II sets transparency requirements for pre- and post-trade disclosure of order details, along with transaction reporting that identifies reference and post-trade data. The directive’s related MiFIR regulation extends pre-transparency rules to apply to depository receipts, exchange-traded funds, certificates trading on a venue, bonds and structured products trading on a regulated market, and emission allowances and derivatives. The directive and regulation extend pre-trade transparency obligations to organized trading facilities, regulated markets and multi-lateral trading facilities; the rules also extend post-trade obligations to make price, volume and time of transactions available to all trading venues. As a result of the rules, traders will have to report transactions to the proper authorities by the end of the next working day.

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  • How much newly applicable rules add to compliance requirements in scope, particularly in types of securities
  • The impact on trading facilities and venues
  • How trading firms are responding and their compliance challenges


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