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LumRisk Scales with Markit EDM Managed Service

LumRisk, a Geneva based risk aggregating service provider, has gone live with the managed service version of Markit EDM. The enterprise data management solution improves LumRisk’s hedge fund and...
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PRIIPs Compliance Deadline Postponed to January 2018

The European Commission has postponed the application date of Packaged Retail and Insurance based Investment Products (PRIIPs) regulation by a year, moving the date to 1 January 2018 and aligning...
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Expert Guidance on How Best to Implement a Market Data Inventory Platform

Market data inventory platforms are becoming essential to financial institutions’ ability to manage market data costs, and for some firms costs such as index licensing, research, and publications and...
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Quandl Delivers Alternative Datasets Designed to Improve Investment Decisions

Quandl, a Toronto based data provider, is pushing into the provision of alternative datasets that can be used by banks and hedge funds to make better investment decisions. The company works with...
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DMR Receives Mixed Response on ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau Article

Our recent item on the Association of National Numbering Agencies’ (ANNA) proposed Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) has sparked a mixed set of reactions from the marketplace. The DMR article...
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Best Practice Approaches to the Data Management Challenges of MiFID II

The data management challenges of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) are dominated by sourcing required data and managing multiple identifiers, but despite these difficulties,...

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Real-Time Analytics to Improve Bank Customer Acquisition

Avoka, the leader in digital customer acquisition for financial services, today announces Transact Insights, an analytics module designed for agile optimization of digital account opening. Transact...
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ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

The story of MiFID II and the selection of the ISIN as an identifier for all instruments in scope of the regulation, including OTC derivatives, has taken another turn, perhaps a final turn, with the...
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GoldenSource Discusses the Pitfalls and Potential of Entity Data Management

Entity data is a fundamental building block of many systems, but all too often large financial institutions fail to manage the data strategically and incur negative customer reactions, increased...