Thomson Reuters and AIM Software Partner to Offer Configurable DataScope Pricing and Data Solution to AIM Clients

News Wire

Thomson Reuters and AIM Software announced today the release of an upgraded and fully standardized adapter that allows buy-side firms to connect DataScope Select pricing and reference data with AIM Software’s enterprise data management (EDM) platform, GAIN. The innovative solution allows investment managers, asset managers and asset servicing firms who use GAIN software to integrate Thomson Reuters pricing (including evaluated fixed income), reference data, and analytics with GAIN’s data management platform.

The jointly developed adapter is integrated as an optional component of GAIN, AIM Software’s flagship product. Clients order this interface directly from AIM Software and contract with Thomson Reuters for the DataScope Select pricing and data necessary to meet their portfolio management and compliance needs.

With the improved adapter, GAIN users can choose preconfigured data fields from DataScope Select, and then define, set and change their own rules and schedules, as well as monitor the status of all data requests in the system. The Thomson Reuters solution covers static data and prices for multiple instrument types, and handles end-of-day updates as well as intra-day requests, such as ad hoc instrument opening requests. The adapter now also integrates with Thomson Reuters web-service interface.

“Our solution pairs the universe of Thomson Reuters DataScope Select pricing and reference data with AIM’s innovative GAIN software applications. This enhanced service reinforces our commitment to providing the very latest pricing and reference content to help power investment decisions, further enabling centralized control and management of all client data flows throughout an organization,” said Marion Leslie, managing director of Thomson Reuters Regulatory, Pricing and Reference Services. “As financial institutions seek increasingly to optimize operational efficiencies, the need for timely, reliable and transparent information has become ever more important. By integrating our DataScope Select analytics and regulatory content into AIM Software’s GAIN platform, users can leverage an extended data set enterprise-wide that helps them comply with regulatory obligations such as Portfolio Compliance, Solvency II, Global Shareholder Disclosure and Legal Entity Data.”

“Our clients must focus both on efficiency and also on innovation to find new sources of growth. Classical approaches to data management with toolkits and platforms are not always the right answer anymore to address these needs. Data management needs to be put into context and cannot be seen as an independent function to achieve efficiency and cost reduction. It is about end-to-end processes, and data content – not just data feeds. In a complex world, you can only capture this through collaboration and partnership” said Josef Sommeregger, managing director and chief commercial officer at AIM Software.

“AIM’s mission is to be the facilitator and the platform organizing this capture of different know-how around these processes – from the source to the use of the data,” said Sommerregger. “Thomson Reuters brings impressive know-how around the data, along with effective solutions around the needs of our clients. This fully standardized adapter marks a milestone in our collaboration. We will continue to work together on thought leadership, involving their experts in our client engagement model, and jointly create further functional packages that benefit all our clients.”

The special adapter offers GAIN users a far broader range of integrated data sets (e.g. bonds, equities, FX rates, funds, futures and options and reference data, issuer data, legal entity data, corporate actions and regulatory data) via the DataScope Select evaluated pricing and reference delivery platform, covering over 2.5 million fixed income securities, derivatives, and bank loans. Moreover, customers can monitor these requests and filter them by status.